July 11, 2012

Important jobs

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I found myself bored one February.   Idaho winters can really do a number on you if you’re not careful. So I decided to set up a company booth in a local Home and Garden show. I knew the chance of drumming up any business was slim in this tiny town but hey I was bored. So I went all out of course. This was going to be the best garden booth ever to be entered. They gave me a premier spot right in the center that had a big round skylight overhead. And I was not going to let them down.  The best part about my space was that people could walk all the way around and also through it. So I set it up a romantic secret garden, complete with an ivy, rose and tulle covered arbor, a romantic garden table with chairs, a babbling water garden complete with goldfish. The space was filled tall palm plants, tall ficus trees, ferns and azaleas in abundance.  It was a place to pause, and people did as they took it all in.  The two front tables were adorned with two 3’ tall garden urns filled with my wildest dreams in flowers making them over 6” tall. These arrangements were worthy of any fine hotel lobby or museum hall.

I noticed a women lingering and looking at the flower arrangements in awe but she was also looking at them different somehow, different than sheer delight at all their beauty. She seemed dwarfed by the size of them and craned her neck to just look at them. You could see she was a women who had not experienced the finer things in life yet had dignity and a heart of gold. I could tell she wanted to talk and it was not going to about my landscape services.  “Can you make a smaller version of this” she asked fully intending to pay, fully intending to sacrifice if she had too because nothing less would be good enough for her daughter and baby granddaughter. I am sure she no idea how expensive even a quarter of the arrangement would be. “My baby granddaughter just passed away and I would like something for the funeral chapel in two days.” “My daughter is heartbroken.” “We don’t have much money you see but we loved her so much.” I gave her a long hug and explained the enormous cost for such an arrangement but assured her that at no cost I would have flowers in that chapel in two days for her granddaughter. I gave her my phone number and my promise. And I was not going to let her down.  I received a phone call filled with much grief and much gratitude from her daughter the next day. She had no idea what I had in store for her and her baby girl.

It just so happened that the Home and Gardening show was ending in two days so I took the palms and the ficus, the ferns and the azaleas and of course those two giant urns filled with flowers over to the funeral home.  It was in the old quaint part of town on a grassy corner.  They lead me into the chapel where I would do my magic. The room was old and special, not too big, not too small, not too dark and not too light, just right. It was also deathly quiet, not a sound.  I worked alone and at a slow pace making sure everything was more than perfect.  At some point they brought in the baby girl, they placed her very small open casket at the front of the chapel nestled among the plants and flowers, and then left.  Seemed very natural to the people working there but to me there I was alone with someone’s child taken way too soon. She seemed so tiny even in this small chapel yet her presence filled the room.  I felt honored somehow and even more slowly carried out my work not wanting to leave her alone.  When the chapel was just right and the service just about to start I scanned the room one last time then went and kissed her little head goodbye. Then slid out the back door.

I can’t tell you what February that was, or the baby’s name or how she died. Didn’t really matter all that mattered was that God have given me one of the most important jobs of my life.


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