July 13, 2012

Coming up for air :)

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Coming up for air, clearing my head, feeling blessed, licking my wounds, clearing my desk, packing boxes, preping for surgery and doing a little wishful thinking.

WHERE THE RAVENS FLY FREE            Simone J. Ewing

I long to be

where the cool clear waters flow

where the willow and penny royal lap at the waters edge

where the angelica grows taller than me.

I long to be

where the golden needles of the larch trees make giant yellow clouds in the fall sky

where the elk bugle a symphony in the night

where you can hear the snow fall.

I long to be

where there are millions of stars almost within my reach

where you can meet a gray wolf in the early morning light

where the world is still.

I long to be

where an old cedar tree stands alone in a grassy meadow

where Mt Henry’s top peeks over the ridge

where the ravens fly free.


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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! And I wanna be there too. XOXO

    Comment by Marci — July 14, 2012 @ 6:16 pm |Reply

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