March 8, 2012

Hugs VS Thugs

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  • Chemo Day #3  (Which on my calender is noted as “Healing day”)
    Let me introduce “The Hugs”   (This what I feel like with all of the love and support I have)
    And now “The Thugs”
    Chemo Day
    Nightmares (4 in one night, two nights in a row. Last night none, Yippee)
    Mean people
    Myself sometimes (Well a lot of the time)
    Car repairs
    Unopened mail
    2 piles of cat vomit on the sofa
    Chemo side effects (Minor nausea, joint pain, sinusitis, headaches,feeling HOT, red face, red arms, and fatigue)
    Lack of ability to commit
    The unknown
    Well off to Chemo day with two Bengal tigers, I think we are gonna win today.


  1. God is with you and watching everything. Leave your troubles to him and just hold his hand. He will bring you through this. I am praying for you too.

    Comment by Marlene Eastman — March 8, 2012 @ 5:59 pm |Reply

  2. Marlene is right, dear Simone. Give it over to HIM and HE will lead you down the right path to healing.

    Although Bengal tigers are known as pretty aggressive that sounds like just whatcha need to scare away the blues.

    Hang in there & keep us posted. We’re all praying & lovin’ you thru this!


    Comment by Marci — March 10, 2012 @ 1:30 am |Reply

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