March 4, 2012

Because people keep asking…

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Thursday Chemo day~Tried & achey and seems so long ago at this point.
Friday ~Stayed in bed until one, hot all over! Numb left toes(Think this is for the duration) blue toes at night, weird but went away. Headache!!!!!
Saturday~Felt good, misc stuff is just part of the norm. Another headache,Hot!
Sunday~ Feel good. Hot! Achy joints, loose stool,minor headache. Rash on arms.
All in all at this point I just feel slowed down but nothing horrible except for that watermelon issue.


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  1. jes keep taking that stool softener gurl

    you’ll be glad you did


    Comment by Marci — March 5, 2012 @ 1:51 am |Reply

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